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Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training for dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is the newest, funkiest most tail-waggingest dog training course around! These 21 fun and simple games are designed to transform your dog from brainless to brilliant!

Author : Adrienne Faricelli

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Price : $47

What is "Brain Training For Dogs"

Brain Training for Dogs is an ebook and online training program created by Adrienne Faricellibased which intends to improve your dog’s mental capacities, in other words, make your dog smarter.


There are 21 different “brain training” games that you can teach your dog. We found it really easy to ​play these games. Each is described in-depth and illustrated with a video.


This course is about gradually increasing your dog’s intelligence, awareness and ability to think and to solve problems. This can be useful in many ways.


A dog with a sharper intellect is going to be easier to train so the exercises your dog gets from these games is going to help him/her when you are training other things.


So Brain Training for Dogs can make your dog more susceptible for other types of training. It will develop him mentally and physically, you will bond with your dog at the same time as you are having lots of fun. 

The structure of this program is made like the structure of our schools. It starts out with “preschool” where you will find very easy and simple games which suitable both for adult dogs and even for puppies.


It then becomes increasingly more difficult as the dog moves up the levels of Elementary, High school, College, University, Graduation and finally the highest level called Einstein.


You don’t have to follow this sequence exactly though but the intention is to gradually make your dog smarter and constantly increase the challenges to prepare her for the next step.


Apart from these games and exercises, there is also a section on basic obedience training such as sit, come, lie down etc.


At the end of each section, there is an “exam” where you “grade” your dog depending on how well she performed the task presented.

Brain Training for dogs

There is also a full section on how to use a clicker when training your dog. A clicker is a small device which makes a clicking noise when pushing on it. It used instead of a verbal marker.


The click is then immediately followed by a treat. This section is fairly detailed and explains quite well how and why you might want to use a clicker.


Included in the program is also a number of videos where the different “games” are being performed by one of Adrienne’s Rottweilers.


At the end of each training chapter, there is a “troubleshooting” section where you find solutions to any problem you might encounter.


If this does not help then you can also e-mail Adrienne for support. This is an important part of any program, getting support when you need it.

"Brain Training For Dogs" Reviews

Brain Training for dogs


This is a truly effective program and a steal at its price compared to the hundreds of dollars that you might pay to have a dog trainer teach your dog valuable skills.


It’s an easily understandable product designed to train your dog and developed by someone who’s a professional in the field.


Not only does it build your bonds but also increases your dog’s thinking abilities.

Brain Training for dogs

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