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Best Places to Meet Women Who Are Girlfriend Material

get a girlfirend

Not all women are girlfriend material. Some just want to enjoy the evening with you and forget you the next day.


Some want to be somebody’s girlfriend, thinking they are ready and able to be one, even though they may still lack some of the essential qualities.


A woman who is girlfriend material is someone who is emotionally ready to handle a relationship. She is one who knows what she wants and knows when to compromise.


She is one who can handle the commitment needed in a long term relationship. She is able and ready to be one half of a relationship.


There are a number of places in the city where you are likely to meet a woman who is girlfriend material.


You can stick to the places you frequent, which can be listed below, or you might want to go out of your comfort zone and check other locations.

1. While jogging or in the running path

A woman who runs regularly is a woman who knows how to take care of her body. She is active and healthy.


She knows that her physical health is important, and so is her mental and emotional health.


She is not one to mind being sweaty around other people, as she knows this is just normal. Little does she know, she is radiant without even trying.

get a girlfirend

2. Library or bookstore

She can be caught up inside the worlds contained in her books, but if you allow her, she’ll gladly introduce them to you.


She’ll tell you all about the wonderful places she’s read about, as well as all the interesting characters. You can talk to her about anything and everything.


It can be about local politics, a hunger strike in some far off country, the recent advances in space travel, or even the funniest exploits of some of the royal mistresses throughout history.


You need not worry that she’ll be out partying on Friday nights, flirting with other guys when you’re out of town. She’ll most probably be curled up in bed reading a novel instead.

3. Your favorite restaurant

She dines alone or with friends and orders anything she wants on the menu. She may even know some of the items OFF the menu—a sign of a regular diner.


She savors her meals without glancing at her phone or talking noisily with her girlfriends over it. She’s not on a diet, nor does she have some made-up gluten allergy.


She’s a regular girl who loves her food and savors them. However, she doesn’t overeat.


She takes care of her health and respects her body. She’ll let you pick some fries off her plate though, as long as you eat your half of the dessert.

4. Gig bars

get a girlfirend

She loves great music, and she appreciates the artists who make them. She goes to gig bars to listen to live music.


With her eyes closed, she savors the taste of the ice-cold beer in her hand and the soothing melodies she is hearing.


She is laid back and easygoing, a woman who will appreciate a date night at home, with a box of pizza and soothing jazz music to ease the troubles of the day.

5. Music concerts and festivals

She is not afraid to dance to the beat amongst the crowd. She is a free spirit, a hippie in strappy leather sandals and long skirts.


She doesn’t care about what people say about her. She is confident in her own skin and she exudes that confidence. With her, you are sure to have fun.

6. On vacation

She loves to travel and meet new people. She is not wary of foreign cultures, nor is she hesitant to meet the locals during her travels. She is very independent.


She can go on a trip on her own or together with other people. She is bursting with excitement when traveling to new places.

get a girlfirend

When you’re with her, she’ll infect you with the travel bug. and you’ll explore the world together.


She’ll introduce you to new cities, new experiences, and countless other adventures. With her, you’ll never be bored.


For her, life and relationships are enriched by going outside of your comfort zone and meeting new people in new places.

7. By the beach

She is a woman who would gladly trade her feet for a tail, if only to explore underwater.


She is a mermaid incarnate, comfortable in water and on the beach, just sitting on the sand. With her, you can take off your shoes and just run towards the surf.


She will have a tinkling laugh that you can hear over the sound of the waves. She is a happy soul and with her, you will be, too.

8. Local coffee shop

She is the local girl living on the street next to yours. She is the schoolmate in your grade school that you never managed to say hi to.


She is down to earth, with a warm smile that brings the local coffee haunt to life. She’ll be spending her afternoons there, reading a thin novel to accompany her latte.


She will eat cake, or some other pastry. She enjoys the calm, quiet life, and with her, life is devoid of drama.

get a girlfirend

9. In the park

She’ll be the one feeding the pigeons. She’ll take a few minutes off work and bring a few crumbs from her lunch bread to feed the birds in the park.


They know her by now, as she has been doing this quite regularly. She is sensitive, the kind of person who talks to squirrels when she sees them hanging around the park benches.


She’s not crazy though, just very empathetic. She loves nature—the trees, the grass, and the animals scampering around the park. With her, you’ll appreciate life, and not just human life.

10. While doing volunteer work

She is a compassionate soul. You’ll find her on Thursday nights handing out food for the homeless in the local soup kitchen.


You’ll find her in the animal shelter, petting the cats or walking the dogs around the neighborhood.


Or she’ll be the one volunteering in the homes for the aged, playing chess with the grandpas or gossiping with the grandmas.


With her, you’ll find your compassion. She will be the bright spot on your otherwise dreary day.

get a girlfirend

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